Hello txCitizens! 👋🌟

Today, we're on the brink of another significant milestone that we believe will further enhance your experience on txSync platform:

You can now use USDT (Tether) for paying gas fees on txPortal and txBridge! 🥳

USDT is one of the most stable and widely used cryptocurrencies in the world. By enabling USDT for gas fees, we aim to provide you with more flexibility and convenience, making your txSync experience smoother and more seamless! 💪🏻

What does this mean?

  • No More Mandatory ETH: Say goodbye to the requirement of holding ETH in your wallet just for gas fees. Alongside other tokens we support, your USDT tokens can now cover that, freeing up your ETH for other purposes or eliminating the need to hold it altogether.
  • Simplicity and Efficiency: Continue to transfer or withdraw your funds just as before, but now with the added flexibility of using USDT for gas fees. It's all about making your experience as seamless as possible!
  • Optional and Flexible: Paying your gas fees in USDT is entirely optional. You retain the choice to use ETH or other tokens we support, offering you full control over how you manage your transactions.

How It Works

Switching to USDT for gas fees is simple. Just click on the "Change fee token" button and select USDT. Your gas fee estimates will immediately be displayed in USDT, ensuring transparency and predictability in your transactions.

Additionally, your wallet may show a slightly modified ‘Signature request’ pop-up when signing a transaction that uses USDC as a fee token (see image below).

This is completely normal, and it is related to most wallets not supporting custom paymaster signing messages When you sign the message, you will be able to track the transaction status on the zkSync block explorer in the same way you do for any other transaction made on our txPortal and txBridge!

Note: Please keep in mind that at the moment we don't support ETH transfers for this new feature. However, you can easily transfer any ERC20 token of your choice.

The Power of Paymaster

This new addition leverages the native Paymaster feature on zkSync, and together with our Paymaster as a Service, txTsuko, makes this possible! This just shows our ongoing innovation and dedication to our users needs!

The introduction of USDT for gas fees is just the beginning. As we continue to develop txTsuko we're excited about the future possibilities. 😉

We're thrilled to offer this new flexibility in how you manage your transactions on txSync. As always, your feedback is invaluable to us. Share your thoughts, and let's continue to build txCity, block by block, together. 👷🏻

For more answers to your questions regarding txPortal, txBridge and txSync - read our FAQs here. If you have any more questions, we encourage you to reach out to us via Discord or follow us via other channels!

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