Today marks a significant milestone for our community and the whole NFT ecosystem. We are thrilled to join forces with SyncSwap and CryptoMaze for the sync of all syncs:

Gas-free swap transactions for all Moody Mights NFT holders on SyncSwap!! 🎉

This goes beyond just another partnership. It represents a fusion of visions, a combination of cutting-edge technologies, and a shared commitment to revolutionize the role of NFTs in blockchain!

Our Role in Innovation:

This collaboration is brought to life through the innovative capabilities of our product txTsuko.

By creating a customized paymaster (aka Tsuko) and adding two Restrictions on top of it, we've tailored a solution that precisely meets the needs of SyncSwap and Moody Mights NFT holders.

Here’s how it happened 👇🏻

Contract Restriction (Contract Whitelisting): By implementing the Contract Restriction on the customized Tsuko we created, we specifically whitelisted SyncSwap's contract address, enabling Tsuko to provide gas-free transactions solely through their platform. This targeted approach ensures our paymaster's functionalities are exclusively available SyncSwap, enhancing the platform's security and utility.

NFT Restriction: Furthermore, we've incorporated an NFT restriction on Tsuko, enabling only holders of the Moody Mights NFT to access these gas-free swap transactions. This feature verifies the ownership of the NFT before allowing the transaction to proceed without gas fees, ensuring that this exclusive benefit is reserved for Moody Mights holders.

And just like that, we've made gas-free swaps a reality for Moody Mights holders!

By leveraging txTsuko's capabilities, we just showed how projects can collaborate to deliver tangible benefits to their communities! Read more about our groundbreaking Restriction feature here, to grasp their full potential and understand how they can help you unlock a spectrum of possibilities. 🚀

Power of native Account Abstraction

This isn't just about offering gas-free transactions; it's about reimagining the boundaries of what's possible with NFTs and DeFi.  By leveraging the true power of Paymasters and zkSync's native Account Abstraction, we are taking a significant leap forward in making the blockchain ecosystem more accessible.

Shaping Future Together

We're proud to stand at the forefront of this innovation with SyncSwap and CryptoMaze. Through this collaboration, we're expanding the very concept of what NFTs can do and how they interact with the broader DeFi landscape. It's just another step towards a future where NFTs play a central role in a more inclusive, dynamic, and innovative financial world.

For developers and project owners, if you're inspired by what txTsuko and our partnership has achieved, we’re eager to hear from you! Let's collaborate to create more innovative solutions that drive the blockchain ecosystem forward.

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