Hue-llo txCitizens!

We're beyond thrilled to share the latest chapter in our revolutionary journey within the NFT space:

📣 txSync is partnering with Hue to extend the realm of gas-free transactions to all Hue NFT holders on txPortal! 📣

This partnership is not just another collaboration; it's a major leap in our quest to transform the NFT ecosystem!

Gas-Free Transactions: A Hue of Innovation

That's right, you've heard us! By simply holding a Hue NFT in your wallet, the path to gas-free transactions on txPortal lights up!

Here’s how it works:

1. Upon landing on txPortal with a Hue NFT in your digital wallet, you'll be greeted with a special message acknowledging your eligibility for gas-free transactions.

2. Instead of the conventional transaction process, Hue NFT holders will notice the "Gas-free transaction" option. It’s a clear sign that your transaction will flow smoothly without the usual fees.

3. During the transaction confirmation step, instead of seeing a total fee, you will see a notification that this is a "Gas-free transaction." This serves as a constant reminder of the benefits you're receiving as a holder.

4. Note: your wallet may show a slightly modified ‘Signature request’ pop-up when signing a gas-free transaction. Fear not, it’s just us ensuring your transaction is secure and free!

5. After confirming the transaction details in Metamask, which will involve a different signing request due to the paymaster feature, you'll complete your gas-free transaction. Then, get ready for the Hue celebration to light up your screen!

And just like that, you're part of the gas-free revolution! 😎

txTsuko: Powering Colorful Possibilities

Our collaboration brings txTsuko technology right into the heart of Hue's colorful Hueniverse. Restrictions feature ensures that the joy of gas-free transactions is exclusively available to Hue NFT holders, opening up new horizons for personalization and efficiency in the NFT universe.

This is yet another reminder of how NFT collections can leverage txTsuko to deliver unprecedented benefits to their communities, underscoring the transformative potential of Paymasters on zkSync!

We're Just Getting Started!

At txSync, our quest for innovation is endless! We're committed to exploring new frontiers, challenging the status quo, and delivering groundbreaking solutions to the entire blockchain community. With each collaboration, we move closer to a future where blockchain technology is more inclusive, sustainable, and accessible!

Test out this new upgrade on txPortal, and follow us on our X (Twitter) account and Discord to stay updated for all the updates!

🚀 If you have an NFT project and are interested in implementing similar innovative features for your community, we'd love to hear from you! Please fill out our inquiry form to get the conversation started 🥳

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