Welcome to a new month, txCitizens ๐Ÿ’™

Weโ€™re continuing April with an amazing partnership, and this time with SoB NFTs:

Weโ€™re bringing gas free transactions for ALL SoB NFT holders! ๐ŸŽŠ

That's right! Just by being a holder you'll unlock the exclusive perk of gas-free transactions on txPortal!

Let's get you started:


1. Log in to txPortal with your SoB NFT-equipped wallet and get ready for a warm welcome.

A special message will instantly greet you, confirming your gas-free transaction privileges.

2. No more confusing transaction processes, SoB NFT holders will be presented with a brand new "Gas-Free Transaction" option, a reminder that you now enjoy free and seamless benefits.

3. During confirmation, you'll also receive a notification highlighting this gas-free perk.

4. Your wallet might display a slightly different "Signature request" when signing a gas-free transaction. Don't worry, it's just Us ensuring everything is secure and absolutely free for you!

5. Lastly, after confirming the transaction details in Metamask (which will involve a different signing request due to the power of paymasters), your gas-free transaction will be complete!

And just like that, you're part of the gas-free revolution! ๐Ÿ˜Ž


Building a community with Tsukos

txTsuko's cutting-edge Restriction feature is what makes gas-free transactions exclusive to SoB NFT holders, adding another layer of value to NFTs and streamlining the NFT experience.

In this way we foster inclusion creating a sense of belonging for all SoB holders.

The Journey continues!

For SoB, nothing matters more than community and art, and we couldn't agree more!

We constantly push boundaries to develop groundbreaking solutions that empower the entire blockchain community.

This partnership with SoB NFTs is another step towards a future where blockchain technology is not only inclusive and sustainable, but also removes barriers for everyone to enjoy its potential.

Witness this groundbreaking upgrade live on txPortal!


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