Hello txCitizens!

Today marks a significant milestone in our journey together. After the launch of txSync, txPortal and txBridge back in October 2023, we’ve spent all this time scaling, learning and improving.

Now, we've seized the opportunity to take all insights and knowledge, and redesign txPortal and txBridge from SCRATCH!

The transformation of our products is driven with user experience as the main focus of our redesign process, and fueled by our commitment to make web3 accessible to all! So, without further ado…

🎉 New txPortal and txBridge are LIVE!

The New Features

After months of hard work and dedication, we're thrilled to unveil the new features and improvements that now define the user experience. This redesign s not just about aesthetics; it's about making your journey into the world of web3 & zkSync technology as seamless and intuitive as possible.  Let’s go into the details.

Old txPortal vs New txPortal 🚀

Once you connect your wallet, you’ll see the brand new look of txPortal.

The goal with the new txPortal was clear: to improve it by making it more intuitive, efficient and user-friendly, so our users can effortlessly manage their digital assets across zkSync networks.

Let’s go over all the enhancements we did it: 👇🏻

1. Refined Color Palette: We've introduced colors to make the UI not only more cool, but also more functional! Colors now indicate important information, such as the balance of your funds, which is displayed in different colors based on the amount. This helps you quickly understand and see your financial status - see example below.

2. Added “Hide Zero Balances” Option: To improve clarity for your funds even more, we've added a 'Hide Zero Balances' feature. This helps streamline your view, showing only the currencies with active balances, sorted by the amount you hold, from highest to lowest.

3. Enhanced Receive Function: We've eliminated the clutter of multiple options for the Receive function. Now, you're presented with just two straightforward choices: either scan a QR code or copy your address. This simplification cuts down on time and reduces errors, streamlining the process of receiving assets!

4. Enhanced Send Functionality: The send feature has been redesigned into a clear three-step process. This new workflow allows you to view your balance, verify transaction details, and confirm actions more confidently and securely. With this, we are making sure that every transaction is intentional and accurate, reducing the chance of mistakes. ✅

5. Improved Transaction Access: Our new design provides easier access to your transaction history. With enhanced search functions, you can now look up transactions by hash, and sort them by date, token type, or value. You can also claim all of your transactions here. All of this makes it simpler to track your activities and manage your assets!

6. Improved Contact list: Contact feature allows you to add addresses as Contacts, simplifying and securing the transaction process, as well as making it faster! You always have the option to edit or delete a contact, giving you full control over your contact list.

7. NFT partnerships: We've enhanced the Sponsored NFT Partnership section to provide a clearer and better experience for all holders! 😎

With these significant enhancements, txPortal sets a new standard for user experience within the zkSync ecosystem! Now let’s turn our attention to the improvements in txBridge, where similar changes have been implemented to streamline your interactions further. 🔥

Old txBridge vs New txBridge

txBridge has undergone a significant transformation to match the sleekness and functionality of the new txPortal. 😎

1. Simplified Layout: We've decluttered the UI to give you a cleaner, more organized view. This streamlined design reduces visual noise and helps you focus on what matters most — your transactions.

2. Toggle Seamlessly: Switching between withdrawal and deposit options is now better and easier! This flexibility allows for quicker adjustments to your transaction needs, ensuring a smoother workflow.

3. Enhanced Visuals: To improve usability and ease of recognition, we've added a overview of token images. This update makes it quicker and more intuitive for you to identify and select the tokens you need. Of course, you can always choose any other token that’s listed down below with just one click!

4. Enhanced Transaction Details: The post-transaction UI has been refined to offer a cleaner, more accessible view of the details once you complete a transaction. This makes it easier to quickly check the status of your transaction, enhancing both clarity and user experience.

Our goal was to make the txBridge as straightforward as possible. The new design emphasizes simplicity, which not only looks really cool, but also ensures that your transactions are safe, easy, and hassle-free! 🔥

Try txPortal and txBridge TODAY! 🎉

The launch of new txPortal and txBridge marks the start of a new era for us, and we're not stopping here.

You can expect a lots of big announcements coming soon, especially the exciting reveal of redesign of our next groundbreaking product- txTsuko! 👀

For a detailed guidance on how to make the most of the new txPortal and txBridge, check out this guide that will walk you through everything you need to know to navigate the updated platform with ease 👍

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