GM txCitizens!

As we embark on yet another thrilling collaboration with Crypto Maze, our team at txSync is proud to support the launch of their latest groundbreaking venture: Moody Madness game!

This collaboration not only showcases the power of partnership, but also highlights the innovative technologies that are shaping the future of gaming on zkSync! Let’s dive deeper into them. 👇🏻

🏎 Moody Madness: A New Era For Gaming Industry

The launch of Moody Madness is more than just the release of a game. It's a bold statement of changing the zkSync gaming space! By harnessing the power of zkSync's native Account Abstraction and the power of Paymasters through our txTsuko, Crypto Maze is paving the way for a future where web3 gaming is one step closer to mass adoption! 🚀

In contributing to bringing Moody Madness to life, txSync team helped to implement game's frontend design and connect it with the zkSync network. The true emphasis here lies in integration of the frontend code with our customized Paymaster (Tsuko) and its specific Restrictions! (more on that later). We believe that anyone should be able to easily connect their DApp (aka frontend code) to the zkSync network in just a few lines of code, and we are working on simplifying this process even more 😉

What do you think, did we do a good job? 🤔

But what sets Moody Madness apart is not just the game itself, but the ecosystem surrounding it. Players of the game can engage with the game's assets in an innovative way. For example, they can purchase "tickets" to spin Roulette, earning NFTs that will later serve as crucial game assets. This approach not only enhances the gaming experience but also enriches the player's interaction with the game's ecosystem!

With a focus on the usability and accessibility of web3, this is setting the new standard by sponsoring millions of user transactions and eliminating gas fees.

And all of this has been made possible with txTsuko, our Paymaster as a Service!

Eliminating gas fees in Moody Madness: Harnessing the Power of txTsuko

By eliminating gas fees in Moody Madness, we've brought to the forefront the unique paymaster mechanism powered by txTsuko, along with its groundbreaking feature: Restrictions. This is  showcasing the real use case of the true potential of Paymasters and Restrictions in the zkSync space.

What we've achieved for the Moody Madness game with txTsuko goes beyond gasless experience!

By covering specific in-game actions' costs, we've removed one of the biggest barriers to blockchain and web3 adoption: the complexity and cost of gas fees. And with using a specific Restriction for the specific action, we enabled unparalleled flexibility and full control for the Crypto Maze team. 🔥

But the power of txTsuko and Restrictions go far beyond Moody Madness and the gaming industry.

Our Paymaster technology presents an opportunity for different companies to leverage the power of paymasters for any dApp!

Whether for e-commerce, social platforms, or finance, txTsuko empowers you with the tools to innovate and deliver exceptional user experiences without the technical complexities traditionally associated with blockchain transactions.

By transferring the full control of the created Tsuko (Paymaster), we are embodying REAL decentralization, and showing our commitment to building a future where high gas fees are not the norm, but Paymasters are!

Looking Ahead: New (zkSync)Era of gaming

As we celebrate the launch of Moody Madness, let it be known that this is just the beginning. With the continued partnership like the ones between us and Crypto Maze, and the innovative solutions provided by txTsuko, we're at the start of a new era for the gaming and the whole web3 industry. An era where technology, creativity, and community come together to create experiences that were once thought impossible!

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